Trickster 1

These are screen shots from another of my "Doily" programs written in QuickBASIC. This one moves a pair of turning "brushes" of colors across my monitor screen in not always predictable, but not random, patterns. Here are a couple of screen dumps somewhat enhanced for texture (the originals are low-res, at 480 x 640 in 16 colors; the maximum available in QuickBASIC). It takes a while for individual images to come together, but the reason I call these by the name Trickster is that much of the time strange, ever changing faces with various expressions seem to peer back out of the screen at me, as above. I actually call the program that generates them "Coyote" after the native American spirit known for its power but also for its mischievous ways. The second image appears to portray something, but I don't know quite what. Name fits, doesn't it? You can actually see the circular brushes in the images, as it happens both are near the bottom, fanshapes with circular edges and trailing color; a little farther apart in the top picture, smaller and closer to the corners there than in the bottom one, where they abut the stem of the pentagonal chalice shape in the center. And, uh, no, there's nothing demonic about these programs, though I can see how some folk who have a mind to look for such things could see patterns that suggest it in that bottom image.
Trickster 2

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