Quip #5

Arnie's script for the first annual issue, or annish, of Quip (called for reasons too complicated to go into, the Quish), has me greatly concerned that the Quip Kids have been talking to Jack Gaughan (a prolific cover artist for science fiction paperbacks of the day). I leap to the conclusion that they have decided to take a hard science fictional approach to the fanzine, and so prepare an appropriate illustration. The "Lost in Space" title for it has nothing to do with the TV series (the illustration was my one and only venture into the use of scratchboard, by the way). However, Jack was also a hugely witty fannish illustrator as well, and in the pivotal panel of the strip my eye catches some copies of his work that his did for NyCon 3, the World Science Fiction Convention that was held in New York in 1967. So I again revise my thinking�-and the illustration for the final page�-the fifth in the longest sequence of pages I ever did for Quip. I included a number of inside references on this cover sequence, but some might not know that the third artist waiting in the Quip Kids' anteroom, besides T. Lautrec and N. Rockwell, was intended to be Grey Morrow, one of the top comics artists of the day (or ever).

Quip #5 cover page 1

Quip #5 page 2

Quip #5 page 3

Quip #5 page 4

Quip #5 page 5

Quip #5 page 6
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