Quip #4

The exterior view of Ted White's apartment bldg on the first page is from life, but at the time I had not seen his basement, so was free to imagine a catacomb-like environment. The late Dave Van Arnam was the fan behind "Bheerfan" (he appears in previous covers as an arm holding a bheer bottle), and the personage known as Dr. Gafia, or, in some fannish circles, rich brown (lower case his choice), retained the Dr. Gafia moniker on the Internet. Regrettably, he too has passed away. The reference to "p.r.a." is to a fanzine he produced called poor richards almanac (in homage to Ben Franklin of course), and the effectiveness of the zap gun has to do with the the phenomenon called "gafia" (an acronym for Get Away From It All) that affects some fans who then give up fannish activities for varying periods of time. Ironically (or not), Arnie was later invited to participate in the eventual production of the fanzine that is the target in this strip �-Void #29.

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