The Mighty Foo

Mouse Invaders Pac-Cat

In the early 80's I did an occasional illustration for the original Electronic Games magazine. Besides the Dr. Cursor cartoons, I did a brief series starring Foo -- full name, Foo Man Chew, the terrifying cat (that isn't how they spelled his name, but that's the kind of cat he was) that belonged to Arnie and Joyce Katz, who were founders and editors of that magazine. Mouse Invaders (top left) was the first of the series and appeared in black & white--I wanted them to do a color overlay for the screen, but it didn't work out (I decided to do it the way I wanted it here). Top right is Foo as Pac-Cat, dreaming of pouncing through a maze as pastel mice replace the ghosties--Blinky, Pinky, Inky & Clyde--that chased Pac-Man. Below, left, Foo sits smugly, smacking his--uh--whiskers, atop a TV/monitor where puzzled fishermen of Fishing Derby wonder what happened to the fish. The last one depicts Foo dreaming again, this time of placing his paw-print atop the High Score list above the initials of other contributors to or principals of Electronic Games. I was never happy with the way the vanity screen image came out--this image has in fact been improved over the original--and I guess they felt the same way; in any case I never did another one of these illustrations for them.

Fishing Derby High Score

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