Sketches for The Enchanted Duplicator

Sercon CityDedwood
In Jophan's travels to find the Enchanted Duplicator, he is met and beset by a variety of traps, temptations and pitfalls that could sway him from successfully completing his quest. Here, City Planner Dedwood hopes to convince our hero of the importance of the City of Serious Constructivism to the world and humanity. But reflected in his Shield of Umor Jophan can see the shaky foundations on which it is built.
SerCon City

Disillusion on his High Horse
Before he even reaches the outskirts of Fandom Jophan meets Disillusion, who complains bitterly that the denizens of fandom did not welcome him despite all he had tried to teach them, and even seemed to ignore him unless he would descend from his High Horse.

Onslaught of the typos
These insidious creatures are small and blend almost invisibly into their surroundings, and inexperienced fanzine editors may fall victim to savage hordes of typos unless they procede with care.

Kolektin Bug
Some fans will sink their life savings into their collections and never have the wherewithal to do anything else in Fandom. The Kolektin Bug will drain them dry.

Magrevoos toss MissilesMagrevoo
At one point along the journey, Jophan sees fanzine editors devastated by crushing missiles from the dread Magrevoos. Sometimes even their Shields of Umor are insufficient to prevent the damage, but in other cases a well-polished Shield will turn the stones back on their hurlers.

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