Corflu Vegas
Corflu VegasJophan

A tee-shirt design for the Corflu fanzine fan convention held in what is now my home town in 1995. The guy with the backpack and shield is Jophan, hero of the fannish classic, The Enchanted Duplicator. The cutout at right is an earlier version I drew of him, one of the original drawings I did for an edition of TED. The shield is the Shield of Umor, which, if well polished, protects fans from the snipes and barbs of Those Who Do Not Understand.

Here is a link to a few of the sketches I made for the edition of TED that I illustrated back in 1971. They're ink drawings which I used as a basis for the stenciled illustrations used in that edition, and some are relatively rough, as the final touches were done directly on stencil.
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