Angel Without Wings
Front Cover of Angel Without Wings

  This entry was changed for a while, due to the happy circumstance that my book, Angel Without Wings, was sold as an e-book by PageTurner Editions. Click on the title or the cover image to the right to go to their offering page.
  Above is the original front cover I designed for my book. At right is a cover I designed for PageTurner -- a little sexier. Eye-catching and all that.
  Below, to whet your appetite, are links to my own original PDF versions of the prologue and the first section of the first chapter, both of which appear in a two-page spread format.

Angel Without Wings
AWW Prologue
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AWW Chapter 1a
(145 Kb)
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  As it stands, the novel consists of Book One which takes place in the near future (circa 2010-2015) in what may be a slightly divergent parallel world to our own. I have written a couple of chapters of Book Two—Deluge, laid in a severely divergent antediluvian world populated by humanity's progenitors, distorted memories of whom populate our mythologies—Greek, Norse/Teutonic and to some extent Biblical. It's my intention that the story told in Book Two will support the events anticipated for Book Three, which contines the story of the protagonists of Book One—and hopefully will also answer some still-open questions.
  Well —that's my plan...

revised cover for AWW

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