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Ross Mug
Thank you for visiting my site. I've had fun with it, but this slightly revised edition remains very much a work in progress. I trust it will continue to be for a while. I've tossed a lot of stuff in here that I don't mind sharing with others. However, if you find yourself running across something you don't care for, please let me know.
Soliptic Journal

* Updated January 2, 2015 *
Happy 2015! And good luck with it.
I retired last year from my paying job, which had kept me daily on my feet, so now I'm gaing weight. I keep busy, pretty much as caregiver for my dear wife, Joy-Lynd. I do try to keep up with the writing and art, though it's tempting to stay online, conversing with friends on Facebook or in a couple of email groups...
Two unaware figures about to walk off end of teeter-totter balanced on the world.

Hello! My name is Ross Chamberlain. I've been in existence since 1937, born on what used to be Memorial Day (and once in a while still is), so you could call me a septuagenarian if you're so minded. I tend not to pay attention to that kind of thing much, though. Still, since my 65th birthday allowed me to start receiving Social Security benefits, it's helped improve the quality of life. Now I'm retired, and it looks like it's not the easy-living thing I'd hoped for. My Socal Security and Joy-Lynd's, combined, cetainly have helped cover many of the costs of keeping up a household, but not everything--including keeping up a mortgage, and no, even though we've kept it up reasonably well, there's not enough equity to apply for that ol' reverse mortgage and all. So, we'll see... «sigh»

This site has nothing particularly to do with age and all that, however, and though things are a bit rougher, I try to keep the curmudgeonry down below seismic levels. Mostly it's about sharing some creative things I've done over the past umpty-ump years. Please, stick around and share the fun!

I've done some reminiscing, and even apart from the galleries I'll be popping in some things I've drawn, some of them in the pre-Jurassic Park ages (I can't believe how long it is since that picture—you know,the first one in the series—came out, already! Sheesh! Still — my wife and I recently watched its re-release in 3-D. Basically, it worked, though the reconstruction wasn't always perfect).

Oh, like I was saying, as an example here's a little fun thing over to the right that I think I did somewhere in the late '50s or early '60s.

Hey, not everything looks the way you expect it to.

"Migod! Is that the way you see me?"

The Artist

Me, for instance. Yeah, that bald guy up there's pretty much what I look like recently. I was a bit skinnier before that picture was taken (see snapshots on my Corporate Challenge page), but since then am pretty much back to that (maybe a few more lines). The other image—the Solipsist Journal cover—is a bit of a joke, but that's me on there all right. A better view of it is in the first New Stuff gallery or just click on the picture.

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In these pages I show off some things I've drawn or painted or written or otherwise created over the years. I have some galleries of my art and a section that includes my writings, called (oddly enough) Writings. In the Bio section I reveal things about my past—no dark secrets, to be sure, but it's in the nature of a brief G-rated autobiography (hey, my life's been largely G-rated; what can I tell you?). There are some old family pix there, including childhood shots of me that those who have trouble with things "cute" may be ble to get by without barfing. This section is still in progress—just as, I trust, I am!—and to date only takes things up to roughly my early teens (no, I haven't been there for a while).

Everything will be on different pages, clearly identified so that you can decide if you want to go there or not! The galleries do include some adult material as well as adolescent; but I'm not talking porn or semi-porn, or even particularly erotic—a few bare bosoms here and there is all, as above. By adult, I mean intended for grownups.

Due to all the graphics, for a while back there I hogged the space at Las Vegas Cable Modem that I shared with my wife and my (now late, I'm sorry to say) sister-in-law, so moved most of the pages to a site at Homestead for a while. When became (quite a while back, now) more space became available, but to let the ladies have space (!!), I moved to another host. That lasted a few years, but in the end it proved unsatisfactory, so I eventually moved everything to my new site here, hosted by Action Web Goup, where I have even more space than Cox and the other guys provided, at a really good rate. So, it's getting there, and I'm working on other elements for the future.

Oh, by the way, you can e-mail me at Rossworx+(at symbol)+cox+(dot)+net if you're so inclined. It would be great to hear from you. I obviously won't object to kudos and egoboo, but I do want criticism where you see it appropriate—though let's make it constructive and invective-free if ou please.

Once in a while I get an inquiry about selling one of the illustrations or pictures I display here, or another similar one. I would be glad to talk to you about it. You are free to download pretty much anything I have here if all you're looking for is the 72-pixel-per-inch resolution image posted here, though I would appreciate acknowledgment if you display it somewhere public. I can arrange to get you a higher-resolution version, or create one, or do something brand new just for you, for a reasonable cost. Just inquire at Rossworx+(at symbol)+cox+(dot)+net and we can discuss it.

Okay, above and to the right are links to my bio, some other written stuff, and a page of favorite links (Joy-Lynd's site is still temporarily off-line), and to galleries of old, new, science/fantasy and fannish art work. For a while I've also had a gallery of landscapes created using the marvelous, free-for-personal-use terrain-generator program called Terragen, but now I've added a second gallery for stuff created with their Terragen 2 Technology Preview and the upgraded registered Deep Edition, so am adding some even better scenes created with that. Finally there's another gallery for abstract and unusual things, which I've labeled "Experimental." (I considered "Miscellaneous," but it didn't seem interesting enough.) These links are repeated in the text links at the bottom as well.

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