More of Me
These are among the many self portraits I've indulged in, failing other models for the most part.

Ad for Ross Filter cigarettes
I had a self-taken photo of what I'd intended as a debonair shot, but it was framed poorly, so I carefully cut myself out of the photo—including the hand—and drew an ad, doing some work on it which I thought—and still do—comprised some especially good off-the-cuff imaginary characters. I included slits where I could add the photo. It stayed pretty much that way until I found it, scanned it and colorized it. And now, a few years later, I've resurrected that image and bring it to you.
My head and my hand
Yeah, those are the pieces-parts of me in the ad.
Self portrait
Working my way out of adolescence, sporting new moustache, and not too sure about where I'll be going.
self portrait as a young man
Self portrait at younger than the last, but already fairly pensive about the future.
full-figure as middle-class smoker
This was a semi-satirical self-image sketch from some time in middle age with a view as middle class smoker. I got past that and past the cigarette thing, too. Yup, I'm smilin'.
Imagining the Inner Satyr playing pipes
Indulging in fantasy, I imagine myself as Pan or a satyr, or at least a faun, blithely tootling on pan pipes.

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