Five Rosses Discuss The DaVinci Code

Five Rosses read the DaVinci Code

   In December 2004 I did a greeting card using me, myself and I as the characters doing the greeting. In the spring of 2005 I finally got around to reading The DaVinci Code, and on a whim put this image together. I've since then read and seen some overviews of the book, and found a comment on a History Channel special especially telling, to the effect that Dan Brown, the author, was very good at researching the past, but falls short in his contemporary investigations. I've also been warned that I should beware of some concepts expressed therein that would appear to undermine Biblical truths. Not to worry; it's only fiction and no serious historian, religious or secular, is much concerned.
   Ah, well, I once again consulted with myself and agreed with me that whether or not the conclusions speculated about in the novel are valid, as a work of fascinating fiction it was a thrilling ride.

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