This ran in Apa F in 1965, spirit duplicated on both sides of a sheet, which was a mistake. It was barely readable to start with, but that purple ditto ink seeps through e'er long, and the copy I saved is a pretty mixed up sight. The following was scanned from original drawings on tracing paper which I used to transfer to the ditto masters by doing the final "inking" with a ballpoint. The text had been added afterward, so I just went ahead and entered it with Photoshop, using Comic Sans. Seems to work.
And... be grateful I didn't run these in purple line... I was tempted.
story of Vulch p.1
If this first page seems strangely twisted, it's an optical illusion. Heh, heh... No, really!

story of Vulch p.2
Okay, if you really really want to see it in purple, click here.
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