Crazy Tribute to Void
Crazyfrom the Heat does Void

This was Crazy From the Heat, the first issue of Arnie Katz's fanzine series of the early 2000's, a series intended to pay homage to some of the popular fanzines created over the years. The cover was designed to resemble a mimeographed copy of Void, which was produced in the 60s by a few of the biggest names in fandom, including Ted White, Greg Benford, Tery Carr and others. I was especially familiar with a couple of the last issues because I had helped produce covers for Quip, Arnie Katz's tribute to Void at about the time the latter had seen its last issue (but one; a story for another time).

Bhob Stewart was the artist for Void's covers; he had created a sort-of aleter ego who appeared on the covers to introduce them, called 'Qwerty Uiop' from the typewriter keys--'Q' for short--and sometimes the covers consideted of multiple pages. Arnie's Quip emulated that and, as it turned out, so did I. For more on that see the material at the Quip Cover link. Arnie decided not use Q for this cover, and aside from a brief cameo--check the drummer--I complied. Instead we with went with someone approaching the the image of a Vegas MC to introduce the group of Vegrants (the folks in the bowling-pin arrangement) who pretty much contributed to that issue... I didn't do that great a job of representing them and it's really only a coincidence that most have gone elsewhere or otherwise disassociated themselves since.

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