Crazy Tribute to Chunga
Crazy From the Heat does Chunga

The third issue of Crazy From the Heat, Arnie Katz's fanzine series of the early 2000's, paid homage to Chunga, produced at the time by Andy Hooper, carl juarez and Randy Byers... It is still being produced as of 2013, though some of the personnel may have changed. Notable then was the appearance of Seattle's Space Needle on several of Chunga's covers, an element I chose to emulate in the transfer to a Las Vegas invocation. I join Arnie, Ben Wilson and John Hardin in front of a large neon figure about which John remarks that there's something familiar. That it somewhat resembles Andy Hooper is intentional. But then a banner at the bottom of the page gives the whole thing away.

Andy, incidentally, was miffed when he first saw a copy of fanzine, under the impression that Randy and carl had produced a copy of Chunga without him, in 4-color no less (he had cautioned them against being so profligate). Fortunately, he, too, saw the banner and presumably was mollified.

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