Peace on Earth
Peace on Earth
I used this as a Christmas card one year back when the outfits most of the people are wearing in this image were relatively commonly seen. I'm still pretty pleased with it. Me? Oh, yes, I was a "dove" in those days while we were fighting in Vietnam; very definitely so.

Here's the verse I used in that card:

When God across the shoulders of the world
Begins to draw white blankets, tucking in the sun
To longer sleeps, and sets the stars to watch,
We might remember what was once begun
One winter night when just such stars gazed dow
Upon a manger in a quiet town--
A peaceful night which brought into the world
A message and a dream -- a dream that can,
If we but live the words His wisdom taught,
Bring life and brotherhood and peace to man...
So in this Season's warmth and joy and cheer,
Remember Him, and live in love this year.

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