The Pachydermal Prelate
Pachy Prelate

So if elephants had evolved into a clothes-wearing parallel to homo sapiens, this was what I imagined they might be like. The tusks might have dwindled to a mere vestage of themselves, as would their overall bodies--the eyes enlarging proportionately, and moving closer together for better binocular vision. And of course the forefeet would have had to develop fingers, perhaps not too dissimilar to ours--you'll note the arm seem to bend differently, though. Would their religion parallel ours also? Perhaps in some ways. But maybe it's just coincidental that this one's clothing resembles something one of the human Catholic heirarchy might wear. The original of this was done on two different papers, yellow and blue,with some judicial use of white chalk or pencil, further enhanced with Photoshop in this rendition.

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