Links to Some Other Sites I Like

Joy-Lynd's Website
Joy Lynd's (Nickers') Website.

This is of course a particular favorite for reasons that don't even have to include her kind but overly self-effacing words about my site. She's a cool lady, my friends, and comes up with the most interesting ideas at times. And what's more, unlike me, she talks more about other people and other people's interests, where even a cursory examination of my site will show that I'm pretty self-absorbed. (I wish I could remember the title of the book in which the author, through the main character, remarks on his pleasure in receiving a multi-page letter in which the pronoun "I" never appears. Joy-Lynd doesn't go that far, but... Never mind.) Meet my wife, please...

The Page at Pooh Corner
I grew up with Pooh and Christopher Robin and their friends via A. A. Milne's two wonderful books about them, Winnie the Pooh and House at Pooh Corner, supplemented by two related books of poems, When We Were Very Young and Now We Are Six. This site has everything one could ever want to know about the pre-Disney originals as well some material on the Disney versions, and includes an on-going discussion board and links to other related sites.

For those of the Science Fiction Fan Ilk, here is a central point from which to find out much about the background and status of this increasingly eclectic hobby � or, for some, this Way of Life.

Fancyclopedias I, II, & III
Fancyclopedia II, Dick Eney's project, was the version I borrowed for a while when I first began to get acquainted with fandom in the mid-sixties, and I shall be forever grateful to rich brown (Dr. Gafia himself!) for lending it to me. I discoved it on the Web some time ago and had a link to it here, and it was a delight to rediscover Eney's witty approach to the entries and introductions for the original and Web versions. The link above goes to the new page at The Fanac Fan History Project which covers not only the original Fancyclopedia but also allows access to the Fanny III work in progress.

The Enchanted Duplicator
This fannish classic � an allegorical pilgrimage to the pinnacle of fannish endeavor, the "perfect fanzine" � is here provided by The Fanac Fan History Project. An earlier version sponsored by and maintained at a Rutgers University site has apparently been discontinued.

roc's garden: Fan History Archive
Another site with some interesting fanhistorical treasures, anecdotes and explanations. Someday, maybe Arnie Katz's The Trufan's Advisor, "Temporarily Unavailable" in the Other Fannish Stuff page now for longer than I've known the link, will be restored to working operation here. It's worth waiting for.

SF Art Galleries
Now, after perusing my galleries, if you want to see some of the real Science Fiction and Fantasy art that's available on the Web, follow this link. Whew!

View From Another Underground
Discordian Eris

Discordia: De Center of Dissention's Dissenters. You know how all those nuts out there allatime get together and decide they're going to undermine the Establishment? Well, sometimes they themselves get so organized that they've got their own antidisestablishmentarianists who don't necessarily subscribe to the concept that the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Necessarily. They're not really adamant about it � I'd say more talc than action � but take a peek here and see if your own feet don't dig in and your ire rise a-smilin. Semper recalcitrans! Beware, however � Beyond this link are other links that lead to some pretty subversive and in-your-face and out-of-their-mind links, not all of which are as cool as they think they are.

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