Corflu "Lucky" 7
Corflu 7
This was the first tee-shirt design I did for a Corflu fanzine fan convention, the 7th, held in New York in 1990. This is actually scanned from the tee as I haven't found the original art work among my files. The concept, besides in a way taking off on a hands-drawing-hands idea that I associate with both M.C. Escher and the great New Yorker cartoonist Saul Steinberg, is based on the name Corflu, which is a contraction for Correction Fluid, used to wipe out errors on mimeograph stencils. The nearer hand is using a mimeograph drawing stylus to draw another hand using corflu to "correct" the dice to a 7. Get it? (Got it.) Good.

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