Chirtan World


Here is a series of images drawn in 1969 as part of what I had hoped to be a much larger compilation of and about a world called Chirta, wherein a race of intelligent beings neither entirely human nor animal in appearance, perhaps evolved from a vaguely squirrel-like proto-ancestral line, moved from primitive cultures to--and perhaps beyond--what we might think of as a modern civilization... And whom we humans meet, one day, under regrettable circumstances

By the Sea
CHIRTA (Aldebaran IV) -- Scenes from Chirtasch historical periods. Number Six in a series. Upper-middle-class seaside home during post-industrial renaissance period (roughly 1330-1425 A.D., Terran). Scene is of Richta coast at Patschripta Tuta, the historically fabulous resort city of the Richtashi, a portion of which is just visible in the background. The area is most notable scenically and geographically for the large number of waterfalls, such as the stepped fall depicted, which owe their existence to the sharp drop of the coast-line at that point from the Richtasch spine-ridge of mountains, called the Tupota.
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